Pricing for Cyclist

Traditional Tube Bikes

Price Starts at $175.


  • 1 color with two lines of of text.

  • Color catalogue here (black is a common choice)

  • Extra laminate layer for greater protection.

Printed Design $50+

Reflective Printed Vinyl $100+

Race Bikes

Price starts at $800.


  • 2 vinyls, either prefabricated or printed.

  • Common choice is a print with a black or color flow compliment.

*Race Bikes cost more because they are much more difficult to wrap.

included 1 hour

additional design time $80/h

Color Flow Vinyls +$300

Armor Vinyl $300

Reflective Vinyl $300+

Optional Upgrades for Either Bike Option

Armor Lamination

Vinyl on Wheel Hub


Glitter Laminate

Pedal Crank